• Department of Science & TechnologyTechnology Bhawan,
    New Mehrauli Marg,
    New Delhi -110016, India.
  • Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre Navrangpura,
    Ahmedabad -380 009,

  • State: West Bengal
  • Date: 25 - 26 April 2017
  • Visitors: 9,403

From Rangpara North, SECAS II next moved to Bagdogra. It was welcomed by Shri Partha Sarthi Zeal, Station Director, New Jalpaigudi, along with Dr. Chandrima Roy, Chief Medical Personal, New Jalpaigudi, Katihar Division, NFR.

Shri Partha Sarthi Zeal welcoming SECAS II
Shri Partha Sarthi Zeal welcoming SECAS II
Students in coach on Adaptation in SECAS II
Students in coach on Adaptation in SECAS II
Children learning about Web of Life
Children learning about Web of Life
Presentation on World Malaria Day
Presentation on World Malaria Day

SECAS II exhibition was scheduled for two days at Bagdogra. On the first day, due to delay in its arrival, the exhibition was opened at 12:30 pm, instead of 10:00am. Hence, comparatively lesser number of students visited the train. However, on the second day, a huge rush of visitors including school and college students was seen throughout the day. Altogether in two days, over 9,000 visitors came to see the exhibition.

At Bagdogra, the complementary activities of SECAS II in JOS Lab, Kids Zone and at the Platform also registered good participation. On both the days of the halt, SECAS II team conducted interesting sessions on Science Behind Miracles, in which they demonstrated activities like ‘Red Feet Impressions on a Piece of Cloth’, ‘Blood in Lemon’, ‘Sleeping on Nails’, ‘Miraculous Flowers in a Coconut’ and ‘Lifting a Rice Pot with a Super powered Knife’ etc. were demonstrated and the scientific explanation behind them was also discussed. It was very much appreciated by all.

On 25 April, the SECAS II team celebrated World Malaria Day by conducting activities on the Platform, in JOS Lab and in Kids Zone. At the platform, they held a talk on ‘Malaria and its Causes’. It was followed by discussions on ‘Prevention of Malaria’, in which the children also expressed their views highlighting the pros and cons of different methods of prevention. A poem reading session highlighting the role of mosquito in spreading diseases in the form of ‘Machchar Chalisa’ was also done by SECAS II team. The team organized a painting and a quiz competition for children, in which the winners were felicitated. In the Kids Zone, the team held discussions on ‘Malaria - its prevention and cure’ with the children. All the activities were well appreciated by the participants as well their teachers and parents.

At Bagdogra, another milestone was achieved with Platform Activity crossing 45,000 students’ participation, in the current phase.

After a successful two day halt at Bagdogra, SECAS II team once again packed up and made preparations for their departure to the next station – Dhanbad in Jharkhand.