• Department of Science & TechnologyTechnology Bhawan,
    New Mehrauli Marg,
    New Delhi -110016, India.
  • Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre Navrangpura,
    Ahmedabad -380 009,

  • State: Andhra Pradesh
  • Dates: 24 - 26 May 2017
  • Visitors: 32,455

From Kottavalasa, SECAS II next moved Gudivada. It was welcomed by Shri G.V.V.S. Raju, Sr. DEN, Vijaywada Division, SCR along with Dr. Divya Yamini, ADMO, Railway Hospital, Gudivada. Several other officials from the Railways were also present on the occasion. Mrs. Shifali Kumar, Sr. DCM, Vijaywada Division, SCR, Shri Yalavarthi Srinivasa Rao, Municipal Chairperson, Gudivada, and Shri M. Sheshagiri Rao, Muncipal Commissioner, Gudivada, visited the exhibition train and interacted and appreciated the team.

Shri G.V.V.S. Raju welcoming SECAS II
Shri G.V.V.S. Raju welcoming SECAS II
Students knowing about COP
Students knowing about COP
Visitors understanding global warming
Visitors understanding global warming
SECAS II team celebrating 100 days of their journey
SECAS II team celebrating 100 days of their journey

SECAS II exhibition was scheduled for three days at Gudivada. Due to the ongoing summer vacation in the schools and colleges, the number of students visiting the exhibition train on the first day was low, but second and third day saw good number of visitors. Altogether, in three days, more than 32,000 people visited SECAS II which included students from 15 different educational institutions and general public.

At Gudivada, apart from seeing the exhibition, children were also excited to participate in the complementary activities of SECAS II in JOS Lab, Kids Zone and Platform Activity. National Innovation Foundation (NIF) supported in organizing Platform Activities. Voluntary support was also provided from VASAVI club, Gudivada, as they provided drinking water to the visitors of SECAS II.

On all the three days of the halt at Gudivada, SECAS II team organized sessions on ‘Science Behind Miracles’ where activities like ‘Walking on Burning Coal’, ‘Fire without Matchstick’, ‘Exuding Blood from Hand’, ‘Red Lemon’ etc. were demonstrated. The team discussed the scientific explanation for all the activities which seem to magic or miracles but are based on some of the fundamental principles of science. It was well appreciated by all.

On 25th May, 2017, SECAS II marked its 100 days of journey on wheels. The onboard team designed a special Photo and Media coverage gallery at the platform, highlighting the 100 days journey of SECAS II. The team along with Railway official planted saplings as a mark of 100th day celebration at the station premises.

At Gudivada, SECAS II crossed 8 lakh total visitors and JOS Lab also crossed 30,000 students’ participation in the current phase.

With this, the halt of SECAS II at Gudivada came to a successful end and the team packed up and made preparations for their departure to the next station - Miryalaguda in Telangana.