• Department of Science & TechnologyTechnology Bhawan,
    New Mehrauli Marg,
    New Delhi -110016, India.
  • Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre Navrangpura,
    Ahmedabad -380 009,

  • State: Karnataka
  • Dates: 09 June– 11 June 2017
  • Visitors: 1, 52,401

From Whitefield, SECAS II next moved to Kengeri. At Kengeri, SECAS II received an overwhelming response from students, general public and children of different age groups. On the second day of its halt, SECAS II received over 62, 000 people –the highest in a single day, in the current phase. Seeing the huge rush of crowd, SECAS II team decided to open the exhibition early in the morning and extended the closing time in evening. Altogether, in three days of its halt at Kengeri, students from 158 educational institutions and more than 1, 52,000 visitors visited the exhibition train.

Long queue of visitors waiting to visit SECAS II
Long queue of visitors waiting to visit SECAS II
Students knowing about different harvesting methods
Students knowing about different harvesting methods
Visitors understanding the concept of mitigation
Visitors understanding the concept of mitigation
Children in Coach 12 of SECAS II
Children in Coach 12 of SECAS II

As part of the ‘Swachch Bharat, Harit Bharat’ initiative and celebration of ‘Swachchta Pakhwada’, SECAS II team circulated the Green Pledge to the participants in JOS Lab, Outreach Activity and Teachers Orientation session. The participants took oath to be an ambassador of environment protection and keep the surroundings clean. SECAS II team also displayed the related posters and banners at the platform.

A team of Eco Volunteers, Bengaluru, along with the officials from the Forest Department, Karnataka, briefed the students and visitors of SECAS II about illegal wildlife trade. The visitors were asked to take the pledge to help in stopping the illegal trade of wild animals.

SECAS II team conducted Teachers Orientation Session for a group of 132 primary and secondary school teachers on ‘Non-Conventional Methods of Teaching’ in which the teachers were oriented for hand-on methods of teaching science and mathematics and interesting science games. The team also discussed about National Curriculum Framework and Pedagogy of Teacher Education.

SECAS II team conducted an Outreach Activity at Silver Oak International School, Bengaluru. The team discussed with the students about Science Express and also briefed about Climate Change and its dangers. SECAS II team demonstrated different Teaching Learning Material of science and mathematics like Acid-Base Neutralization Reaction, Sound Propagation, Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces, Pressure, Centre of Gravity, Muscle Contraction, Pythagoras Theorem, Algebraic Equations etc as a part of ‘Science Show’.

Environmental Management & Policy Research Institute, and ENVIS Center, Bengaluru, extended their support in coordination of the SECAS II activities at Kengeri. The on board team also received help from local volunteers, school teachers, Railway Protection Force, Traffic Police and Civil Defence volunteers, in management of the crowd and smooth functioning of SECAS activities.

At Kengeri, SECAS II crossed 11 lakh total visitors mark and 1.5 lakh students’ visitations from 2,000 educational institutions in current phase. Additionally, Science Express, cumulative of all its phases (Phase I-IX) crossed 16.7 million visitors mark.

With this, a hectic yet a satisfying halt of SECAS II at Kengeri came to an end, and the team packed up and made preparations for their departure to the next station – Koduru in Andhra Pradesh.