U Welcome to Science Express Climate Action Special



  • Department of Science & TechnologyTechnology Bhawan,
    New Mehrauli Marg,
    New Delhi -110016, India. www.dst.gov.in
  • Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre Navrangpura,
    Ahmedabad -380 009, India.www.vascsc.org

Platform Activity

An interesting complementary activity of Science Express is the Platform Activity. It has been designed with the purpose of better utilization of time, by engaging the students who wait for their turn to enter into the exhibition coaches. The platform also provides a bigger space to cater to larger groups of students. The onboard team conducts activities dealing with different topics of Science & Mathematics in the form of games, puzzles, demonstrations, quiz etc. at the platform. Besides, even some the important National and International days related to Science and Mathematics, like the World Ozone Day, World Environment Day etc. are also celebrated on the Platform through different activities, competitions, science shows etc. to generate awareness amongst the students and general public.