Rangpara North
  • State: Assam
  • Date: 22 - 24 April 2017
  • Visitors: 34,808

From North Lakhimpur, SECAS II next moved to Rangpara North. It was welcomed by Shri Ajit Pratap Singh, IRSE, Sr. Assistant Divisional Engineer, Rangpara North, along with other Railway officials. Mrs. Mimu Paul, Chairman, Town Committee, Rangpara, Shri Sanjit Saha, Commissioner, Town Committee, Rangpara, and Col. R. S. Dogra, visited SECAS II, and appreciated the efforts of the team.

Shri Mrudul Deka welcoming SECAS II
Shri Ajit Pratap Singh welcoming SECAS II
Long queue of students at the platform
Visitors in DBT coach of SECAS II
Children knowing about power saving through LEDs
SECAS II team celebrating Earth Day at Platform
SECAS II team conducting Outreach Activity
World Book Day celebration at Platform

The SECAS II exhibition was scheduled for three days at Rangpara North. It was overwhelming to see that inspite of heavy rains on all the three days, SECAS II received huge rush of visitors, including school students. Altogether, a total of 34,808 people, including students from 49 different educational institutions visited the exhibition train. Additionally, the complementary activities of SECAS II in JOS Lab, Kids Zone and Platform Activity also registered good participation.

On 22 April, the SECAS II team celebrated ‘Earth Day’. In the morning, the team conducted an Outreach Activity at Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Rangpara, in which they discussed about different issues of Climate Change and its Impact. It was followed by an awareness march to save the environment and combat climate change was undertaken by the team along with the students and teachers, from the school to the railway station. The students enthusiastically participated in this. In the JOS Lab, a documentary movie highlighting ‘Earth Day Network and Climate Change’ followed by a small presentation on SDGs was shown to the participants. Similarly, at the platform, the team held discussions on ‘Relevance of Earth Day’, ‘How Much My Habits Cost’, ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Positive Actions’. Besides, these, Crossword Puzzle, Slogan Writing Competition, Connect the Picture, Photo contest, and Debate competitions were also organized for the students at the platform. The team especially designed a Selfie Booth, where visitors could take their selfie with different positive actions to save the earth.

On 23 April, the SECAS II team celebrated ‘World Book and Copyright Day’ by conducting different activities at the platform. An open library with books and encyclopedias on Biodiversity, and Climate Change was created at the platform for the children and general visitors. Additionally, activities like ‘Design the Cover Page’, ‘Know the Authors’, ‘Leaf Printing’, ‘One Minute Game’, ‘Give a Suitable Title’, ‘Crossword Puzzle’ etc. were organized for children and students. It was very much appreciated by all.

Rangpara North turned out to be yet another millstone stations in the journey of SECAS II, as on the last day of the exhibition, it crossed 6 lakh total visitors’ mark. Additionally, JOS Lab crossed 20,000 students’ participation in the current phase.

SECAS II team received support from National Innovation Foundation (NIF) in conducting Platform Activities at Rangpara North.

After a successful three day halt at Rangpara North, SECAS II team once again packed up and made preparations for their departure to the next station – Bagdogra in West Bengal.